Topical Joint and Pain Relief

Cannabis Joint and Pain Relief for all Pain


Dream Cream uses the finest pure extracts to achieve markable pain relief. It is a fallacy that THC contest is only good for Cancer. Latest cutting edge research that a tiny amount of THCA enhances GBD,and CBG effectiveness with pain. Our cold press process guarantees no THcDelta9 which happens to THCA when heated to above 220 degrees Fahrenheit in heated processing.


Sunlight Naturals has developed it's own medical strains and spent  6 years perfecting topical pain relief. All extracts are lab tested for potency and grown totally organically. No other topical brings as relief as ours. 


Our Dream Cream  /  Soothing Oil  /   Cannadryl extracts have been rigorously tested for purity and effectiveness. Our Carrier garrentees relief in sometimes less than 2 minutes.

Topical Info



It's a common fallacy that THC is nused only in Cancer research and Cancer experimental trials. THCA has proven a valuable tool to enhance CBD and CBG effectiveness. The latest cutting age reseacrh shows this. THCA is not THCdelta9 which is THC heated above 220 degrees F. 

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Sunlight Natural Genetics and Nutrients

Sunlight Naturals is proud to announce our own line of seed genetics available through our intensive genetic research and years of genetic experience and Botanical related research. Whether you desire a hybrid, Sativa, or Indica strain, we have developed strains for many medical applications. also after years of research we are proud to announce we have developed a line of naturals fertilizers and nutrients for maximum growth and bloom.